Government Rebates for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

December 20,2022

Government Rebates For Hybrid & Electric Vehicles in Hanna, AB

We are the ideal place to visit at Hanna Chrysler for shopping and purchasing a new vehicle, offering popular options from Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Chrysler. You will find models with plug-in hybrid powertrains from our renowned brands, qualifying them for government rebates. Visit our showroom today to enlist the help of our experts during your search, and let us match you with the perfect vehicle for your specific needs.

Types Of Rebates Available For Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

The Canadian government has made available multiple rebates for customers wishing to purchase an electrified vehicle, providing varying rebate amounts depending on the vehicle’s specifications. Models with plug-in hybrid powertrains that provide an all-electric driving range of over 50 kilometers qualify as a long-range model that gains a rebate of up to $5,000. However, models with all-electric driving ranges of 50 kilometers or less are considered short-range models, qualifying for a rebate of up to $2,500.

Available Hybrid Models From Our Selection

While exploring our current model selection, you will find multiple plug-in hybrid models with more electrified options to come soon. Currently, you can shop through our inventory for the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, Jeep Wrangler 4xe, and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. The Pacifica Hybrid is a long-range plug-in hybrid with an all-electric driving range of 51 kilometers. The Wrangler 4xe achieves an all-electric range of 35 kilometers, and the Grand Cherokee 4xe provides an all-electric range of 42 kilometers.

Financing Centre

Our experts are always ready to help you Build and Price your desired model from our selection, which can be available with plug-in hybrid powertrains. Also, our dealership has a Finance Centre to get you pre-qualified financing to assist you in securing your dream vehicle in the exact configuration you desire.

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