Synthetic Vs Conventional Oil

January 1,2020

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What’s the Difference Between Conventional and Synthetic Oil Varieties

One issue that many people confuse is the difference between conventional and synthetic varieties of oil. Often questions customers want to know is if one is better for their vehicle than another. The most straightforward answer is that the conventional oil variety has more natural oil and is less refined. Still, synthetic oil is a combination of base oil that’s usually a highly refined crude oil and powder additives. Which one you should be using is a bit more nuanced. Synthetic oil is better at protecting many types of engines in extreme weather because the molecules are more even in structure than conventional oil. One of the reasons people sometimes get traditional oil is that it’s cheaper because it doesn’t require much refinement.

What Is a Synthetic Blend?

A synthetic blend is fully synthetic oil and a less refined oil mixed, which gives the end product some molecular evenness of a full synthetic, but it’s less expensive than a full synthetic oil.

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